A.L. Laureate DJ Grazzhoppa Cayoz Praverb The Wyse O*Zee

The BrainStormers EP

by The BrainStormers



The BrainStormers were conceived due to the success of its predecessors. The Wu Tang Clan, Task Force, The Arsonists, The Jurassic 5, Slum Village, and most recently Slaughterhouse paved the way for the development of this group. Each member possesses a specific skill that is brought to the forefront. Cayoz Da Beast (by way of California) possesses poignant wordplay and a work ethic second to none. A.L. Laureate (by way of Florida) possesses an abstract style and excellent conceptual driven verses. Praverb the Wyse (by way of Virginia) possesses a finely tuned delivery and aspects of spirituality. Finally, Dj Grazzhoppa (by way of Belgium) possesses the ability to turn an ordinary track into a masterpiece. The true essence of this group is on display when they collectively attack a song. The BrainStormers are poised to make a mark in an industry that is cluttered with uninspired material. The latest addition to The BrainStormers collective is an emcee by the name of O*Zee. O*Zee (by way of Maine) is an emcee's emcee who also thrives with conceptual rhyming and raw lyricism.

Furthermore, this EP will serve as an introduction to the talented collective. Feel free to pass this project on various social networks, to your friends, foes, and more. Physical copies will be available soon.


released January 29, 2011

Mixed by Praverb the Wyse

Mastered by Michael "St. Mic" Moxham - timelessdaimyo.com

Special thanks to all those involved in the making of this project (special thanks to Pascal Ross, Luke Morgan, DiArt, SMIMooz, and more).

Special thanks to Kevin Nottingham (kevinnottingham.com), 808 Shirts, Domination Records, Dj Mixtape Assassin, Dj Kingstun, and more for providing excellent feedback.

Please take the time to listen to this project and send your criticism (positive or negative) to BrainStormersInYourArea@gmail.com

Group Members:

A.L. Laureate - twitter.com/ALLaureate

Cayoz Da Beast - cayozdabeast.blogspot.com + www.twitter.com/CayozDaBeast

Dj Grazzhoppa - djgrazzhoppa.bandcamp.com + soundcloud.com/dj-grazzhoppa

O*Zee - www.myspace.com/ozeemusik + twitter.com/ostarzee

Praverb the Wyse - praverb.net + www.twitter.com/PTheWyse



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Track Name: By All Means
Verse 1 (Cayoz Da Beast)
I was born April 24th, year 1989
Stepped on the rap scene like 04 or 05
But around 06 is when i met P the Wyse
Wisdom’s Cafe showed he was a different league than I//
Dropped Heart of the City right around the same time
But my East 2 West joint had a way better vibe
In 08 I soul searched & did an album on the side
Suppressing the beast within was filled with nothing but strife//
Still I took what i learned and i ran with the hype
Then i dropped a mixtape with STILL FRESH full of rhymes
2009 I came back with the mixed vibes
And word on the streets focused ready to get mine//
A short time later I was hit with an invite
To join the BrainStormers fam i was ready to rip mics
And you know what they say son you never live twice
So I took the invite and never once looked behind//

Verse 2 (A.L. Laureate)
In 2003 my stomach was uncovered
It was a long procedure let me guide you through the hunger
How could you press play when it was in disarray?
If you love it you hate it, it works both ways//
Rejected from the start didn’t make the numbers i expected
It made listeners pass like the minutes do the seconds
7 albums recorded but deleted from hard drives
The archives became the past where my heart hides//
Moral in the toilet questions aroused doubts
Flow is too weak
My rhymes get lost in the beat
If you listening and feel the sudden need to critique
Go ahead cause you can’t hurt what you don’t see//
Now it’s a new day BrainStormers we a fam
Simultaneously creating fresh air for these fans
We are forever one geared up for what’s ahead
Just remember this is where we took our first steps

Verse 3 (Praverb the Wyse)
P is too spiritual, too conventional
Need to think outside of the box, drop the lyrical
Too emotional, he doesn't drop emotions
The flow is ocean, I bear arms, overdosing//
Critics be, critical of my energy
Stating that I should be hype when I'm ripping on the mic
But eventually, they understand that I won't force it
Olympic runner, running swift, with the torch lit//
10 years immersed in the culture, with many mistakes
Many plateaus, been stagnant with these rap flows
Dreams of rocking a thousand or more
To hole in the wall spots...
The reality of these rap shows//
Been promised a record deal and free beats
Doing verses for free when I really need to sleep
This lack of sleep carries over to my personal life
Affecting my job performance and my search for a wife//
Track Name: Mind's Design
Verse 1 (A.L. Laureate)
Let me mix your neurons
Fingerprint your mind to get a clue on
Digested the moment you get your chew on
So before you think hip hop is soon gone
I'm a pause and repeat to show that you’ve been proved wrong//
I carefully insert words into your cerebellum
Flexing lyrics when I write
The difference is what you like
You bump these beats and drown my life rhymes
It’s okay cause it’s your subconscious that I strike//
I’m vivid but hidden
Like Nicholson in the shining
Dwelling amongst the Unforgiven
It’s sad to say but if you ask I’ll say
Gifted and brilliant but i conceal it with masking tape as a masquerade//
Let your ears breathe for a second
Use the sound of my voice as an infinite remembrance
Of the time I grabbed your mind and let it unwind
Resulting in a rapper you ain't heard in a long time//

Verse 2 (Cayoz Da Beast)
Yo, I be that picture painter slash mind stimulator
Lyrics so precise, it’s fact that I exceed simulators
Noise orchestrator, garbage emcee ventilator
When I tantalize minds straight up with no chasers//
My design is that of plain energy
My songs contact with listeners like brain synergy
Allowing you to walk in the shoes of a troubled entity
And see why everyone saying that I got the remedy//
I, scramble brainwaves like a vortex
When my words slam against your cerebral cortex
Wrap around your brain lobes like a corset
Cause I excite even more than your favorite porn set//
Let me put it into plain tense
I pen thoughts known to massage your brain stems
And when it comes to mind control, I ain’t cordial
I break into your mind bank and write nightmares just for you//

Verse 3 (Praverb the Wyse)
Rhymes designed in the mind, the left hemisphere
Get the engineer to make sure that I'm spitting clear
You grip your ears vibing
No need for the silence
Battle me, you scared knowing that fear guides it//
Not a local teen who just approached the scene
Warn them, I'm record with too much dopamine
Lacking thoughts and feelings, reveal your future
Delay relayed response controlling your medulla//
It's P, you have no clue who you flowing with
We BrainStormers while y'all possess a lower wit
These powers make us abusive, elusive
Stop your movement, by ripping out your motor strip//
Verses organized by the frontal lobe, come to shows
See a vet rock the mic, the comfort grows
These rhymes are cancerous, you can't challenge this
Or answer quick, with a detached hypothalamus//
Track Name: 4 Corner Vision (feat. Crooked I)
Verse 1 (A.L. Laureate)
I stand uneven at the bottom of the map
Should I stop what I’m doing and chase what’s in demand
I’ll be labeled the man but what good will that do
Making money off of music that for real it ain’t true//
People tell me all the time your stuff will never sell
Cause I talk about life and less about myself
The chains and the cars had me once lost at sea
But now I spit rhymes with virtuosity //

Verse 2 (Crooked I)
I don’t need an ice chain, just a nice mic game
And the right frame of mind, to explain my life pain
I been through enough drama to slice the right vein
Or do it like Cobain, aim right for the brain//
But I maintain, and I refrain from sinking
Game I’m speaking is older than the Ancient Incans
Main distinction, between me and lames who face extinction
Is mainly my gangster thinking//
Concepts never die, though the flesh may
When it does, it’ll be another Crooked the next day
Kids listen to everything the best in the West say
And for me, they’ll hop out busting a SK//
I’m a leader, who just happens to do hot songs
I’m a soldier, there’s no hood, I do not roam
You remember when Death Row made me the heir to Tupac’s throne
I bounced out to pursue my own//

Verse 3 (A.L. Laureate)
In Miami I be rocked by the turbulent waters
Where the clouds turn grey ready to rain on my parade
Skill can’t be taught that’s where i got the advantage
Since others don’t have it rap is in danger of collapsing//
A whirlpool is formed and Miami is up it
It’s going down the drain but dudes won’t admit it
I strive to succeed others trip on the same stone
Now I choose to make change without drowning in c notes//

Verse 4 (Praverb the Wyse)
Va representative, trained to stay discipline
I’m on my grind, moving that weight, I stay diligent
A million emcees like me, with the same benefits
Attacking A & R’s, man we changed militants//
In the spotlight tonight, we flame infinite
We avant-garde, y’all stick to that lame fiddling
I’m hip-hop, combination of pain and deliverance
Delivering the good news to anybody listening//
I write from the heart I never fake the passion
Took a bite from the apple while the snake was laughing
I love hip-hop; I won’t disgrace the past tense
Or degrade women, I’m James Bond while rapping//
Don Juan, while macking, forget it, it’s just me
Teamed up with A.L., Crooked, and Teddy
I keep your attention, without a hook or a melody
All I need is a rhyme book and music that’s heavy (word)//

Chorus (A.L. Laureate)
Step up to any corner, you’ll get lost in the center
The sense of confusion will be all that you remember
Questions pile up but there’s only one response
We ready for the world, the lines are now drawn//

Verse 5 (Cayoz Da Beast)
Cayoz the name, 21 and still underrated
Things I’ve experienced left me a bit ill-natured
At times I was feeling lower than a crustacean
But through the art of hip-hop I filter frustration//
And irritation and channel it towards innovation
No imitation my love for this is genuine
I’m in to win but don’t get confused I’m not feminine
Since the age of 15 been holding mics with the best of em//
I ain’t your average run of the mill with minimal skill
I’m the Real Deal Holyfield like Wade with the pill
Man my thoughts are mine alone but why keep em concealed
When I always got props just to speak what I feel//
This here is my dream ain’t no time for relaxing
Real talk this is more than just a skin deep passion
This here is my dream ain’t no time for relaxing
Take hip-hop away I bet you'll find me relapsing//
Track Name: Proceed With Caution (feat. Skyzoo)
Verse 1 (A.L. Laureate)
Desire on the forefront
Extensively expedient
Drenching out of my forehead
Heat waves and cold sweat
I Attain clarification, in accordance to recordings leaving car speakers scorching//
Never rest for a second with tutorage from the legends
Taking crash courses my brain aches
In depth study to salvage the good that remains
Amending hip hop erasing the date rape//
I’m steadfast with it, verbal artillery is out
But I ain’t shooting to kill I let it set in your scalp
Creep up in your brain and let it blend
So sit and jot down the blueprints to my revenge//
In the battlefield still getting tempted
By these labels looking for they flagship apprentice
I rather die thirsty next to water
Knowing my lifelong thesis never once faltered//

Verse 2 (Skyzoo)
The human highlight reel, they pray that I might chill never happen
I’m forever at it, and y’all forever addicts
Nowadays with the rapping, I’m feeling so bored
When I’m listening to y’all, that I rather flow backwards//
Coach well as might I pro up and I
No me let down it dumb can I
I guess I’m leave it there
And go and listen to Big wishing that he was here//
Pick one of them, whether Smalls or L or Pun any one of dude
Inspired by all three, I guess I’m something new
I’m NY, suede timbs and all
Best flow been mine, no grins involved//
I got this; I did it before it became popular
And I still get it, and all of them still watching huh
It’s cool with me, as cool as I be
I nevermind it, they all just influenced from me, you know//

Verse 3 (Praverb the Wyse)
I’m from the V dot A, home of the crack rap
Influenced by Miles Davis and other jazz cats
I pen a verse with no profanity
So forget advising you, I label each song hazmat//
So please proceed with caution
Wear plastic gloves when my music leaves the walkman
I’m a lyricist, y’all claim that your pen don’t write
Every verse hits hard like a Kimbo right//
I’m the future; I don’t need to lend no ice
Cause I’m God’s son, I don’t want to be like Mike
That’s another man; I got an arm like Rocket
While y’all slow pitch tossing underhand//
I stay positive; I always keep my head high
Whether in Va, or chilling somewhere in Bedsty
I heard a lot of dudes claim they the next guy
Until they see my cd chilling in Best Buy//
Track Name: Righteous Soldiers (feat. Hell Razah)
Verse 1 (Hell Razah)
Since the playpen, been painting pictures of conquering Satan
Now it’s invasions of masons that you putting your faith in
You wonder why it’s hell storms and the earth is quaking
Try relating to the pages and books of Revelations//
Would you hijack a radio station to save your nation? (hell yeah)
I love my people, f-ck it, call me racist
Record labels enslaved you and they practically made you
Want to kill for the crumbs that fell off of your masters table//
But after Thugs Angels I can mentally change you
From acute to a obtuse angle, if you able
It’s pitchforks or halos, loyalty or betrayal
Over pesos and yayo, and who raping the payroll//
Allah Hu Akbar, trapped In the back of a cop car
Who drop bars about God inside of your I-Pod
My home is where Al Capone inherit his worst scar
So each verse stand out, as bright as the North Star//
Compared to your favorite rapper, hit with a gun charge
Now they in the prison yard, rocking a sports bra
Go tell illuminati Raze will lyrically son y’all
Instead I’m like your Stepfather checking report cards//

Verse 2 (Cayoz Da Beast)
Righteous Soldiers leaders of a cause like the Ayatollah
El Diablo on my shoulder trying to be my soul controller
Mics I smolder till it’s over with verses described as solar
Burning demons like some douja spitting fevers like Ebola//
Yeah, mighty crusaders all made in the kings image
Trying to purify these penitent souls into free spirits
(I been imbued with the strength to lead y’all away
From your putrid and pitiful ways
Through a critical phase I’m know to erase
Darkness and hate through a lyrical blaze)//
I bet you Satan and his followers are in a rage
From this sage swooping in like St. Michael to save the day
My main aims to slay these snakes my blows you’ll never see glancing
Thrust a spear through a serpent’s heart I call that free lancing//

Verse 3 (A.L. Laureate)
Light illustrates messengers of this endangered chamber
Expository prayers for the weary in grave danger
March down streets with significance way beyond speech
In a world of deceit believing in such a thing as good grief//
I ain’t mad at it cause I cant kick the habit
Trying to forgo the past when I’m rapping, now that’s the real challenge
I feel fatigue still I carry the weight so you could see
Blood red skies turn pristine aquamarine//
Prav, Cayoz, me with the former cenobite
Here to evoke any form, of future genocide
Cause Satan be adlibbing (haha)
Messing with my focus
But before that I end transmission without notice//

Verse 4 (Praverb the Wyse)
No gun in hand, teamed up with this Sun of Man
Long range flow, some people call me Thunder Dan
Four vocal giants, on a track, we thundering
Send you on a boogie board, back to the Mother Land//
In the booth daily, we making classics
Our recruiting tactics, exceed those by Uncle Sam
Postpone the death of these old clones
Send them to the Ozone attached with a snow cone//
King David, I slay men, chucking some old stones
Send them back to the womb, knowing they home grown
Check it, respect the skills, we blessed for real
This is the Lion of Judah, open the seven seals//
This is what heaven feels like, we kill mics
This is spiritual hop, give you the real Christ//
Track Name: Same Start (feat. ManChild of Mars ILL)
Verse 1 (A.L. Laureate)
It seems the beginning was just the other day
Introduced to the system with division blocking the way
I swayed the melancholy parted ways with the party
I try to forget but thoughts begin to stalk me//
Glam rappers become actors
On wax or on screen they become they own personal benefactors
We could close the lid and case closed
But backpackers and trappers bypass looking for scapegoats//
Rappers portray g's to make g's
Emcees rip mics to move crowds beyond what you perceive
Think about rappers when they first came out
Debut album was classic but money altered the route//
We choose to keep it real dedication never ends
The people call our rhyme scheme a tired old trend
If its Jay-Z and Nas or Manchild and me
We all had the same start its time for you to see//

Chorus (A.L. Laureate)
Open up dismiss any preconceived notions
We send a prayer for the culture to stay focused
Money changes perception of creativity
It’s shown through records today and its killing me//
We know it won’t be like it was before
But we still got the future it could be rewrote
And restore rappers and emcees to original state
Starting at the same time on the same page//

Verse 2 (ManChild of Mars ILL)
Now let me start, by saying my part, for the paying patron on the waiting line
Odd sharks say take your time
Wait for, lying, on laid on the train line
They start shining, on a playground paying mine//
Forward to the next class session till it breaks up
No static, automatic, hang on to your pay stub
Radio is wrecking y’all, when they refuse to play us
Living in a dream world, the corruption’s made up//
Hey love; it ain’t nothing but music and poetry
Everybody run the line from half track to totally blacked out
Below the scene, out of state or locally
Domestic to overseas, Ten bucks and your holding me close//
God made me I’m supposed to be dope
Already next to nothing, but still we going for broke
Choking on the contact, tell me where the songs at
Steady running on track, and showing you hope//

Chorus (A.L. Laureate)
Open up dismiss any preconceived notions
We send a prayer for the culture to stay focused
Money changes perception of creativity
It’s shown through records today and its killing me//
We know it won’t be like it was before
But we still got the future it could be rewrote
And restore rappers and emcees to original state
Starting at the same time on the same page//

Verse 3 (Praverb the Wyse)
Same start, same race, different finishes
Same scars, different skin, hidden blemishes
Underground, commercial, spitting sentences
Same goal, 20/20, vision limitless//
Nowadays, a lot of rappers babble on
it feels like false religion in Ancient Babylon
I’m the judge, without a place to slam the gavel on
Sleeping on emcees, they style I put a mattress on//
It’s sad when the radio defines us, the media defines us
Now nobody will sign us
Nobody will sign us, we all majors
We Indy-pendent but we treated like minors//
Searching for gems, we get treated like miners
Whored out to millions like a prostitute vagina
Too blunt I had to speak the truth for once
This one trick pony will not perform new stunts//

Chorus (A.L. Laureate)
Open up dismiss any preconceived notions
We send a prayer for the culture to stay focused
Money changes perception of creativity
It’s shown through records today and its killing me//
We know it won’t be like it was before
But we still got the future it could be rewrote
And restore rappers and emcees to original state
Starting at the same time on the same page//

Verse 4 (Cayoz Da Beast)
Rappers pump your breaks and slow your pace, cease the gas
Cause we all started out at the bottom in the past
When I look around now it’s funny how y’all seem to act
Like since we ain’t in the limelight there’s something that we lack//
We started out looking fly in our B-Boy Stance
Now dudes is showing off their thighs rock in sweet boy pants
Even though we proceed to speak with intelligence on tracks
We ain’t relevant cause TV done got you on a trance//
And, record labels try their best to knock us down
But the hunger that we feel pushes us to stand our ground
Cause we ain’t here to do the jerk, do the dougie, or walk it out
So were considered outcasts for what we choose to talk about//
At some point every artist is unsigned trying to shine
But whether signed or unsigned we all still got to grind
So open up your mind and I’m sure you’ll realize
We each started from the bottom, when we each began our climb (you feel me)//